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Gizmo App

  • Gizmo is a control panel for a rocketship! A lunar rover! Or even a UFO! Whatever you imagine! Grab a cardboard box, strap in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and have an adventure of your very own.
  • Remember when the best toy was the actual box your toys came in? With a bit of DIY ingenuity and kid creativity, a box can become a spaceship or anything. It’s the kind of imaginative play that can’t be re-created as an app. Instead, Moonbeeps: Gizmo is an imagination support device. It is the spark for kids to create their very own fun experiences out in the “real world.” Whether they want to be an astronaut or pilot a giant robot, Gizmo can be the dashboard for their creation.- See more at our homepage.

Fireflies app

  • Discover luminous fireflies buzzing about the forest. Collect them with a tap of your finger and fill up your jar. You might even catch the rest of all the forest’s creatures: the brilliant Luna Moth. Who knows what else you might collect?
  • Some fireflies are hard to catch and others will try to escape. Spend some time exploring the forest and taking in the beautiful landscape. Try looking backwards, up, down, all around! This app is all about open play and having fun with your newfound firefly friends.- See more at our homepage.

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